Business Info

I work at J&R Vacuum and Sewing Center located at 223 East Main in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Our website is

We specialize in machines from both Brother and Pfaff.

Our factory-trained technicians work magic on all kinds of sewing and embroidery machines, and vacuums.

When you purchase your sewing and/or embroidery machines from us, you are entitled to free operator's lessons for as long as you own your machine.

We love to give back to the community by sponsoring community sewing events to benefit the poor, homeless, or infirm

Our employees specialize in embroidery software, quilting, teaching classes, and providing demonstrations to customers interested in our products or machines.

Our store offers Brother & Pfaff sewing & embroidery machines, lots of beautiful fabrics, machine embroidery software and patterns, specialty quilting threads, specialty feet for your machine, professional embroidery machines so you can start your own home-based business, Floriani embroidery threads, many quilting books and sew much more!

We work hard to make your sewing fun!